We're Going Green! Geotourism, Green Travel, Ecotourisn, Sustainable Tourism, Responsible Travel, Earth Friendly, Environmentally friendly
Going Green! Beachcomber Motel Geotourism, Green Travel, Ecotourism, Sustainable Tourism, Responsible Travel, Earth Friendly
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Waste Management
and Recycling

We are working hard to ensure all our waste products are managed in the most "green" way possible. We re-use whenever possible, and recycle all our appropriate waste materials-- and encourage our guests to do the same!

Water Conservation

Our most precious resource is water! We have instituted many water conservation practices in our hotel as reflected in our groundskeeping and laundry policies as shown on this page.

Re-use Towels Upon Request

For our guests who will be with us more than one day, we offer the option of fresh daily towels or the opportunity to reuse and "hang them up to dry."

At The Beachcomber Motel, we understand our guests value the importance of protecting the natural environment of the places they visit. And that means conserving resources and contributing positively to all our communities.

Taking a green approach to business and travel is an easy and essential way for all of us to protect the places we love and visit, not just for ourselves, but for all the travelers who come after us and for those who will continue to visit or live here for years to come. As an added bonus, it often makes for a more rewarding, authentic travel experience, encouraging deeper connections with the people and places we visit.

Mendocino County has discovered the benefits of a win-win situation. Our area has abundant natural beauty and numerous environmentally friendly business practices, rewarding to the environment, to visitors, and locals alike.

We encourage you to join us in exploring and promoting environmentally friendly, or "green" practices that will benefit not only ourselves, but the planet, our children and generations to come. View the links below for more information on "Going Green":

  • Alliance for Environmental Education
  • National Association for Plastic Container Recovery
  • Preservation Action., Inc.
  • Coalition for Education in The Outdoors
  • Canada-US Environmental Council-Defenders of Wildlife
  • International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

  • Fluroscent Bulbs Conserve Energy

    We support the conservation of energy resources by using fluorescent lightbulbs throughout our hotel. Cost-effective, and an important & timely change, they last longer and make us shine!

    Mugs to Eliminate Paper Waste

    To eliminate the waste that comes from using paper cups, we provide sturdy coffee mugs with our in-room coffeemakers and tea service -- all of which is available in our lobby throughout the day.

    Extended Sheet Use
    If Desired

    Like our towel service, our extended guests will be invited to re-use their sheets, up to 3 days, unless new bedding is requested.
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