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There's so much to do on The Mendocino Coast in beautiful Fort Bragg California!
Please visit all our "attractions" links above for all the information you need to have a memorable visit -- sure to make Fort Bragg your favorite leisure destination!

But if you're still looking for a few more wonderful ideas for great adventure, click on these links:
101 Things To Do on The Mendocino Coast
and our growing list of
Miscellaneous Fun...
which you are welcome to add to -- by clicking here!

For quick reference, here's a complete list of activity links throughout our website.

Area Page: Learn more about "The New Fort Bragg"
Movies: Learn about famous movies filmed on The Coast!
Wineries Page: A directory of nearby wine-tasting locations
Redwoods Page: Visit our magnificent Redwood Trees
Art Galleries: A list of the many art galleries in the area
Theatre: Performances and local theatre companies
The Scenic Coast Highway: What to look for when traveling the Coast Highway
Music & Dancing Page: Live music and night life on the North Coast
Calendar: Calendar of Coastal Events
Dining Page: Great places to eat, recommended by us!
Services: Where to find the essentials during your visit
More Fun Stuff: A list of OTHER fun stuff to do & see such as:
        101 Things To Do: Pick out your favorite activity!
        Miscellaneous Fun: Everything else...other fun things to do!

The Great Outdoors!: Links to your favorite activities such as:
Area Parks View a list of all the local parks for your ourdoor activities
Redwoods Page: Visit our magnificent Redwood Trees
Fishing, Boating & Water Sports: Where to fish, supplies and more
Land Sports: Or if you prefer to stay dry...
Walking Trails: Explore the coasts scenic walking trails
Horseback Riding: Bring your horse or find one when you get here
Wildlife: Where and when to see birds, whales, seals and many other friends
Birdwatching: The coast is a mecca for birdwatching - the world's most popular hobby!
Beaches: The best beaches on The Coast!
Tide Tables: Check the local tide tables for your planned visit
Fishing Schedules: Check the local fishing schedules provided by CA Fish & Game

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