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Mendocino Coast Wine & Mushroom Fest
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When Italian immigrants came to Mendocino County in the 1860's they went into the woods after the first rain. They found wild mushrooms like the ones back home. Their great grandkids today still slip out to their family "secret spots", gather these delicious gifts from the earth, and share them with family and friends with their home-made wines at the dinner table.

Fabulous Edible Mushrooms

Over 20 types of choice edible wild mushrooms grow in our woods. Each year tens of tons of wild mushrooms are gathered here and shipped to fine restaurants and shops all over the world.

Learn how to recognize the fabulous "king bolete", the lovely chanterelle, black trumpets, shrimp rusulas, and dozens of others.

BUT ALSO LEARN that you should NEVER eat a mushroom that has not been positively identified by an expert or picked by a very experiencedgatherer.

For a glimpse into the world of Mendocino County mushrooms, check out the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens Mushroom Pages for what you're likely to see during the Festival.

Meet the Gatherers and Walk in the Woods

Hundreds of country folks gather mushrooms from their secret spots and ship over 30 tons of wild mushrooms all over the world each year. Take a peak into this fascinating lifestyle that takes some people all over western North America on an annual migration as they follow the mushroom bloom.

Local experts will share their skills on daily forays into the woods.

Learn From The Culinary Experts

Wild Mushrooms are a favorite of leading chefs everywhere. Mendocino County chefs are among the most enthusiastic prowlers of the woods in search of mushrooms. Learn traditional and exciting new recipe ideas-and sample some knock-your-rubber-boots off mushrooms dishes prepared by regional masters.

Check the schedule for descriptions of over a dozen cooking classes.

Meet Mendocino's Winemakers and Win Mushroom Passport Prizes

Our Winemakers are just now finishing the 2005 crush and are about to emerge from 18 hour days doing what they love. A dozen or so Winemaker Dinners hosted at our finest restaurants and a number of tastings will introduce you to our wines and the passionate people who make them.

Be sure to get a Mushroom Fest Winery Tasting Room Passport. Get your Passport stamped when you visit tasting rooms in our 3 winemaking regions and on the coast. Click to see a map of our "Wine Loop Tour". You can win a weekend getaway to the Mendocino Coast or other great prizes. The more stamps you collect, the better your chance of winning. Pick up passports at any participating winery tasting room or lodging establishment, at Chambers of Commerce, or call toll free 1-866-466-3636 (1-866 goMendo), or email Passports.

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